Saturday, November 26, 2016

Give Thanks

There's so much to give thanks for during this wonderful season.  When one is going through some difficult and discouraging times, it's hard to see what good could possibly come out of it.

Two things God's Word tells us:  Give thanks in ALL things and He will use ALL things for good.

I don't know about you but when we're in the midst of trying times, giving thanks is not the first thing that pops up in my mind.  I'm learning to slow down, pause, breathe and sometimes I do remember to find something that I can turn into a blessing in my prayers.

Believing that God uses all things, is a lifeline to me.   Every single day our lives are challenged in ways I never thought possible, much less to be able to endure the hard times.    Most of you do not know about the devastating blows that hit us just hours before boarding the aircraft to move to Nicaragua.   There were years of sadness, verbal assaults and isolation from our family, all while trying to transition into a culture so totally "foreign" to our normal way of living.    Even among the people we came to serve, we experienced so much opposition.  I'd cry out continually asking,  "God, where is the good in all this?"

But, I'm a walking, breathing testimony, that God's Word is true: good does come out of trials.   All of life is a process, which requires time, obedience, faithfulness and it's not just on our part.    As He is working in our lives, He is also working in the lives of those around us.  Working and coordinating every detail until one day we start to see or experience that "promised good".

There's so much good! All around and near me, I see and experience good. Relationships are being restored, lives are being healed, amazing breakthroughs are taking place, dreams and visions becoming a reality.

We all love to experience the goodness of God.  But, let's never forget to Give Thanks in all things, because He tells us to do so.   And if we are blessed to experience the good, it's all the more reason to continue to Give Thanks.