Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sopa de Huesos de Carne

Sopa de Huesos de Carne, or as the gringos (Americans) would call it - Beef bone soup. This is one of the boys favorite meals.  Very easy to fix and VERY CHEAP.  When you're feeding teen boys that can devour a large kettle of soup, cheap is extremely attractive.

Recently during Preston's sabbatical back to the US, the boys and I took time to break away from routine. Break away from the rigid chore schedule, meal schedule, and TV schedule; a time for us to  act like we are on vacation, too.  

Usually, soup is our standard Sunday evening meal.  But, remember I said we were breaking away from routine.  And, one way to enter the hearts of my boys, fix them BEEF BONE soup.  In addition to the bones which are loaded with meat (and gristle - Yuck), I add carrots, onions, yucca, and pasta to the soup.

We ladle it into large bowls, serve it with LOTS of fresh bread and it's a meal that is thoroughly enjoyed.  I need to mention that some fresh squeezed lime juice into the broth is just the right accompaniment.

Never mind that the early night temperature is still in the 80's and sweat is pouring out of them.   It doesn't matter!  Nothing comes between the boys and their love for soup.

As a special treat, we allowed Esther and Mordecai to enjoy some bones AFTER the boys ate most everything off them.

It was a fun evening of laughter, conversation and just good eating - according to the boys.   I can't bring myself to gnaw on the bones.  But if they are happy, I'm happy.