Monday, October 6, 2014

Helping the Poor

In Nicaragua, all improvements and necessary changes are the responsibility of the renter.  At the end of the lease, the renter can remove and take with him all materials used in any improvements.  We however, leave all improvements in place.

In the community of El Paraiso, two days prior to our finding the rental for the carpentry school and cabinet shop, a woman's husband had committed suicide. She was reluctant to rent us a building she owned because the roof was collapsing.  She said she had no money to fix the roof.  In the case of the new roof for one of our landlords, we were following scripture to look after the widows.  We made an agreement to rent the building and make the necessary repairs.  She blessed the ministry with free rent until all repairs were completed.

The ministry installed new electrical wiring, receptacles, lights, replaced block, installed new roof, replaced fencing and built an outhouse.

When the time comes for us to end our lease with her, she will have a fully functional dwelling to rent out in order to generate income for herself and her children.