Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hombres de Valor Academia

We have 2 months to remodel the building, hire teachers, and hold student registrations for the opening classes of Hombres de Valor. Our long time friends will be helping us with the administrative processes.  Guys who have been in past carpentry classes will be doing all the physical labor to remodel the building to get it prepared for first day of classes.

The school will be located in a building at the edge of town on the main bus route.  The building is small but is perfect for the small class sizes.  We want to make sure the teachers are able to give each student the attention that he needs.

It's been awhile since the building was inhabited, so there is a lot of cosmetic work to be done along with minor repairs and the installation of new wiring for lighting and fans.  We want the building to be as fresh and new as we can make it; nothing but the best for brothers of the King of Kings.  All around them they are reminded of the poverty they live in; however, not in this school.  Because they are making the commitment to re-enter school to lay hold of a better life, they deserve surroundings to match their new ideals.

We made a decision early on that the school would be private so that we would have the freedom to educate with a Christian World view.  Like all the work we do, the focus will be on the young male. We felt that it was important that distractions be kept to a minimum, thus no co-ed.

Classes will be 4 evenings a week.  This allows for the men to work during the day.  Needing to work to provide for their basic needs has usually been the reason why they dropped out of school.   

The total program will be accelerated by combining some of the years and a stand alone final year. The school will begin with a combined 7th and 8th.  The next year, they will promote to a combined 9th and 10th as we receive new students for 7th and 8th. By the time the original class promotes to the final 11th year, the entire school will be in place.  The 11th year will prepare the student either for vocational or university.  

We have determined that we will need approximately $500 per room to remodel and furnish the classrooms for a total of $4000.   As you can see, we have already begun the work on the facility. We would appreciate you prayerfully consider to help us complete the project.  Your gift can be made safely using our online giving app. 

We have been in the process of interviewing teachers as well as individuals who have a heart to see the youth become better educated.   It is important to us that the person who wants to teach at the Academy be more interested in the growth of the student than in their paycheck.  If the salary is their top concern,  they can apply at the local schools.  There is a program in South Carolina where 85% of the teaching staff are not certified teachers.  The school has the highest academic testing in the state.  

Registration for classes will begin the end of January.