Sunday, February 28, 2016

When God Closes a Door

It's difficult to put in words what I am about to write.

At the end of last month, our dreams for an academic education for the young men of this area were being assaulted.  We had felt confident about the decision to open the school because there was so much interest by young men in the community, and the building fit our needs and was affordable.  We began the renovation of the building, but we were not receiving the necessary funds needed to purchase the equipment for the classrooms.  The financial setback was small in comparison to the battle we were experiencing with the people that had said they wanted to be a part of what we were doing; who expressed a desire to teach and help at the academy.

In last month's post I explained that long time friends would be helping us with the administrative aspect of the school.  They had experience as part time educators.  It would take too long to explain everything in detail that had transpired. Because of lies and manipulation by one of the persons, we had to bring the project to an abrupt halt.   We needed time to assess what we were up against and how we would proceed; IF we would proceed.

This unexpected development shook us to our core.  These were people whom we considered close and trusted friends.  However, the integrity which we needed so badly had been challenged.  It's very difficult to live and work in Nicaragua.  You have to ask for information several different ways in order to piece together what you received to arrive at an honest, workable solution.   We depend on people to watch "our backs";  to help keep others honest in their dealings with us; and to inform us when we are being taken advantage of.

The boys that we have had relationships with during the years we have been here were very disappointed that the school opening was put on hold.  They saw the academy as an opportunity to complete their education.  Young men who were in their late teens to mid 30's would have to wait for another year because all other education facilities had already completed the enrollment process.

The only thing we are sure of at this point is that the building has a purpose and it's for us to discover what it is.  We will continue to complete the renovation as funds become available.

As we seek God's plan, we will "dress our wounds" and forgive those who had let greed get in the way of helping the youth of the nation.

We still feel strongly in the power of education.  We believe that those young men who did not have the choice earlier in life to pursue education deserve another opportunity no matter how old they are.